Academic Credential Transfers

You’ll need to have your credentials assessed if you:

    • immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker
    • come to Canada to work in a certain profession or trade
    • come to Canada to study

Credentials you got outside Canada will need to be assessed, such as:

    • education
    • work experience
    • professional credentials

Having your credentials assessed will help you:

    • show employers what you are qualified for
    • understand the types of jobs for you might be qualified for
    • see if your credentials are equal to the standards set for Canadian workers
    • find out if you need more training, education or Canadian work experience

To read full information on where to start and how to get your credentials assessed in Canada, visit the Canadian government services website,

You also can see the common FAQs about where you can get an educational credential assessment (ECA) from this link,