Concert in Metropolitan Entertainment Center

May 27, 2022 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm The Metropolitan Entertainment Centre, 281 Donald St, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1M9

ICM provides 3 tiers for the concert categories as follows:

L1 Tickets Price is $110 per seat
L2 Tickets Price is $90 per seat
L3 Tickets Price is $70 per seat


1- Click on Select Your Seat(s) button. You will be visiting a new page which gives a layout of event place and the arrangements of seats.
2- You will see seats in three different colors and each color represents the Ticket(s) Level which introduced above in colored form.
3- After selecting your seat of interest based on location and ticket price you will see another popup button asking you to put your selection into the purchase cart. Notice that seats will go into the CART one by one. This means if you would like to purchase 3 tickets you should select seat and put into the CART three times.
4- By selecting seat(s) and putting in the CART, you will see the sub total price on the bottom right corner of the page.
5- When you are done with all your selections you should click on GO TO CART button on the bottom right corner of the page. Please note that all seats in CART will be shown in BLUE This will move you to the CART page and you will see the seats you are selected and the total price you should pay.
6- In CART page you will have the option of removing ticket(s), emptying the CART (early cancelling request) or finishing your request by clicking on APPLY button. This will move you to final stage which is your payment stage and after payment you will receive emails accordingly.
7- In payment page as usual you are asked for some mandatory information and credit card information. After submitting your request and successfully processing your credit card information you will be notified by emails. Emails will notify you about your order status and consists of order information and links to your real tickets. By clicking the link in your email you will be forwarded to the ICM website again and you can download your ticket image by clocking link(s) below column Ticket.


PLEASE make sure download all your tickets and either have them on your mobile devices or print them and have a hard copy of them with yourself prior to check in.

By selecting your seats and buying your ticket(s) you agree that:
1- Tickets are not refundable, unless the event or item is not unable to be fulfilled due to an event cancellation.
2- Ticket exchanges are the discretion of event provides and policies vary by client. Any exchange or refund, if offered, must occur prior to the scheduled event time, except the event is postponed or cancelled.
3- No guarantee or warranty is made of any kind in regards to the length or the quality of the show. Any listings of approximate show times are estimates only and are not guaranteed.
4- Due to COVID-19, your tickets and your admission to the event are subject to all safety and health policies put in place by the concert venue.
5- You understand that ICM might take photos or videos during the event. You agree that there is no expectation of privacy while attending the concert. You understand that images recorded during the event may include you and with no restrictions it might be posted on ICM social media.