A Little History About Mehregan

As Mehregan approaches on October 2nd, we thought we may share a quick snippet of what the holiday is about!

Mehregan Feast and its Origin

Mehregan is one of the two most ancient Iranian festivals known — dating back at far as the earliest Aryans (Iranians).

The word “Mehr” (in Mehregan) in the Persian language means kindness.

Mehr represents knowledge, love, light, and friendship.

The festival occurs annually on the 196th day of the Iranian year (10th Mehr or October 2nd).

There are many accounts regarding the origin of Mehregan. Below is a list of popular ideas:

  • Mehregan is a day of victory when the Angels helped Fereydoon and Kaveh became victorious over Zahak. They imprisoned him in the Damavand Mountain where he died from his wounds.
  • Mehregan is the day God brought light into the world, which had been previously been shrouded in darkness.
  • “Mehr” day is mentioned as the day when the first male and female, namely Mashi and Mashiane (what most typically refer to as Adam and Eve), were created. Ancient Iranians believed Mashi and Mashiane asked God to change them from plant to human, and their wish was granted on such a day.

We have included a link to the Wikipedia article for those looking to learn more about the holiday and its origins in more detail.

Wikipedia link: Mehregan — Wikipedia