Report on Mehregan Celebration

Report on Mehregan Celebration

The “Mehregan” celebration by the Iranian Community of Manitoba was held on October 2, 2010 in the Eagles Club. More than 140 participants attended this successful event organized by the ICM’s Events Committee.

This was a potluck event and everyone shared delicious food, good atmosphere and entertainment. The event also facilitated the donation of Non-Perishable food items and money to Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank.

The program section of the event included a speech by a representative (Nick Tournet) from Winnipeg Harvest, poetry readings and a presentation about Mehregan, as well as the audience participation in a sing-along. There was also a contest for best food and dessert, during which a few prizes were given away.

The total revenue for the event was $1204, through the sale of 187 tickets (76 x $10, 74 x $5, 37 x $2) and two $50 sponsorships. The total expense was $755.44 ($472 for hall rental, $25.30 for tickets, $117.14 by Ms. Mazlomi, and $141 by Mr.Kermani).

A big thank you to all our volunteers. This event could not have happened without their hard work and dedication.

Marzieh Mazloumi

Chair of ICM Events Committee

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