Report on April 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year. I am writing on behalf of the ICM 2nd Board of Directors Eclection Committee. On Sunday April the 4th, the ICM held a potluck party in celebration of Sizdah-bedar, which was attended by about 70 people. The party provided an opportunity for the Candidates of the ICM 2nd Borad of Directors to introduce themselves to the Community. The deadline for the registration of candidates was 8:00 p.m. on that day. According to the ICM By-Laws, the requirements for candidates of the Board of Directors are:

  • Membership in the community for at least one year
  • Canadian citizenship and residency in Manitoba
  • Clear criminal record and current bankruptcy report
  • Acceptable level of understanding and comprehension of Persian and English languages
  • To be 18 years of age and older
  • Not to be related by birth or marriage to any other Board members

The Election Committee received 7 registration forms. As the number of candidates was equal to 7, which is the required number of board members according to the ICM By-Laws, there is no need to hold an election. Therefore, all the candidates will have the opportunity to serve on the ICM Board for a two-year term starting June1, 2010, conditioned upon provision of the following documents to the ICM 2nd Board of Directors Election Committee by May 5th:

1.    Canadian citizenship card or Canadian passport

2.    Clear criminal record search certificate from the Winnipeg Police Department

3.    Credit Record Check document indicating no current bankruptcy

The Candidates of the ICM 2nd Board of Directors (in alphabetical order by last name) are:

  1. Mr. Mehdi Azizkhani
  2. Mr. Koroush Dostshenas
  3. Mr. Khashayar Kamrouz
  4. Mr. Mohsen Kermani
  5. Ms. Marzieh Mazlomi
  6. Mr. Arash Saleh Azad
  7. Mr. Taied Shaeri

When eligibility of the candidates is approved by the ICM 2nd Board of Directors Election Committee, a formal announcement of the new Board members will be sent to the Community.

Respectfully submitted

Shahin Shooshtari
Chair, The ICM 2nd Board of Directors Election Committee

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