Picnic In The Park Report

ICM had their 4th annual “picnic in the park” in Crescent park Drive on 31st of July, 2011. Between hours of  11:00 am to 4:00 pm. approximately 50 people participated in the event. The lunch was catered by Eat’em Dogs, at a reasonable cost to participants. However, bottled water, water melon and sweets were provided by ICM free of charge.  Event started by welcoming notes from Kourosh on behalf of Bod of ICM. Then Mrs. Shooshtari entertained children with some games and fun activities.

All participants had a great time. During the picnic we received three new membership applications and one request to have an advertise placement in ICM web site.

Sponsors of the program were as follows;

  1. Mr. Elahyion provided the bottled water.
  2. Mr. Kamrouz Provided water melons.
  3. Public donations- $35.00
  4. Expert Real Estate Services

Donated $50 for children gifts.

Expenses for organising the picnic;

  1. Picnic site reservation from city- $ 55.65
  2. Gifts for children ——————-$ 52.42
  3. Sound equipment rental———–$ 60.48
  4. Sweets and cookies—————-$ 47.64

Total expenses ——————————$ 216.19

The following members of event committee and Board of Directors have worked hard to organize this event, picnic was a success and enjoyable event.

  • Ms. Marzieh mazloumi
  • Mr. Reza baize
  • Mr. kamrouz
  • Ms. Shooshtari
  • Mr. Kermani
  • Mr. Doustshenas

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