Nowruz Proclamation by Manitoba’s Premier

Nowruz Proclamation by Manitoba’s Premier

Dear Iranians in Manitoba,

On behalf of the Iranian Community of Manitoba’s board of directors, please accept our heartiest congratulations on receiving a proclamation from the Province of Manitoba that the first day of spring, March 21, 2011, is Nowruz – the Iranian New Year celebration.

This proclamation was made possible by the efforts of ICM’s board of directors. After submitting a request for Nowruz to be recognized as the Iranian New Year celebration, the Manitoba Government issued a proclamation. It stated that Nowruz is a symbol of the changing season and that the first day of spring represents the renewal of life and the beginning of the New Year. The Premier of Manitoba, the Honorable Greg Selinger signed and sealed the proclamation and extended his greeting to all Iranian-Canadians in Manitoba.

This is great news for the Iranian community in Manitoba, as well as all other communities that celebrate Nowruz around the world. The expectation has been raised to repeat this proclamation in the coming years, as we also expect to congratulate you on future achievements in the years to come. For more information, please check the attached proclamation.


Mohsen Kermani, Chairman

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