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دوستان گرامی لطفا برای کمک های مالی خود به مراسم یادبود کشته شدگان سقوط هواپیما با این شماره تماس بگیرید

(204) 891-2631 آقای منتظری

عزیزانی که در سقوط پرواز شماره 752 هواپیمایی اوکراین از دست دادیم و عکسهایی از مراسم یادبود. روحشان شاد و یادشان گرامی



Ariu Dental Clinic

Ariu Dental Centre is a new dental clinic located near Downtown Winnipeg. Founded by one of Winnipeg's Top-Rated Dentists, Dr. Hassan Mobaraki Kia, our clinic provides general and cosmetic dental options. We have services for all ages, using state-of-the-art technology and nothing less than high customer service standards. Through our comprehensive dental care, our patients can trust that we do everything we can do to help maintain their dental health.

Our goal is to always to provide every patient with a refreshing experience. For your convenience, we offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday appointments.

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Mehdi Sheikholeslami Wants to Be Your Real Estate Agent!

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